Bio-Remodelling Filler, our new gold standard.

What is Bio-Remodelling Filler? Our New Gold Standard.

The latest and greatest to arrive in Australia (and through our doors at Flawless Rejuvenation). 

It’s no secret that as we age we lose our natural ability to hold onto hyaluronic acid and create new collagen within the skin. Which is why bio-removelling filler can be a fantastic solution to reduce the risk of both of these inevitables from occurring. 

We are so proud that Flawless Rejuvenation is one of the first clinics to offer bio-remodelling filler as a service, so let us break it down for you! 

What makes bio-remodelling filler different from normal filler?

While both bio-remodelling filler and standard dermal fillers are both made up of hyaluronic acid, the dosage and manufacturing is different.

Standard dermal fillers have been put through sieves and turned into molecules of different sizes. Big molecules = thicker fillers, small molecules = thinner fillers. A mix of different molecular sizes is often what the filler agent is made up of. The molecules are held together with binding agents to slow down the rate the body metabolises it, and tightly bound molecules make fillers stiffer for better aesthetic projection. Fillers are used for replacing lost volume, correct asymmetries or altering facial shape. 

Bio remodelling fillers are a higher dosage of hyaluronic acid and are thermally manufactured. The process of thermally manufacturing the bio-remodelling filler involves melting and then freezing the product. This is what makes it very different from normal fillers. It stimulates the fibroblasts in the skin to produce collagen, elastin (no other fillers or injectables have the ability to do this) and it slows down the rate in which the fat cells in our skin turn themselves off over time. This maintains the fat content of our skin! This fibroblast activity lasts for approximately 30 days. It also provides excellent internal hydration of the skin.

A few key differences include:

  • Bio-remodelling fillers are runnier, the consistency of runny honey. 
  • Bio-remodelling fillers do not have binding agents, it’s pure HA.
  • Bio-remodelling fillers do not volumize the face at all and it is injected intradermally.
  • Bio-remodelling fillers can be seen as more of a skin treatment rather than injectables alone as it makes changes to overall skin health!
  • As mentioned previously, the manufacturing is very different.

Who is bio-remodelling filler suitable for?

We recommend bio-remodelling filler to anybody over the age of 30, as this is when your collagen and elastin begins to decline and hyaluronic acid starts to reduce. Bio-remodelling is generally great for patients who are concerned with deep fine lines and skin laxity. The neck area is a common concern for a lot of patients, and bio-remodelling filler has been shown to correct signs of ageing and laxity in this area.

How many treatments will you need?

We recommend patients to receive a minimum of 2 treatments within the year, however some patients will require 3 treatments depending on the area of concern. Most patients will see results at the 3-4 week mark as collagen begins to stimulate and skin moisture increases. 

Treatment interventions along with bio-remodelling?

At Flawless Rejuvenation, we have the luxury of choosing from many different skin tightening modalities to maintain and enhance your bio-remodelling results! 

Ultraformer: The treatment uses ultrasound energy to create thermal reactions in the skin. The ultrasound technology tightens collagen fibres beneath the skin, and this causes the skin to tighten and firm, giving it a smoother appearance and texture. For more information about Ultraformer technology, click here.

Laser Genesis: A relaxing and calming treatment to gently stimulate collagen and elastin within the skin. Using our Cutera Excel V Laser, we stimulate the skin through thermal energy. Our goal is to heat the skin to 40-41 degrees, as this is the sweet spot for stimulating collagen and elastin. This treatment is painless, with absolutely no downtime! For more information about our Laser Genesis treatments, click here.

Trusculpt iD: Through the use of radio frequency technology, Trusculpt iD allows us to melt down fat cells deep within the skin, and thus reducing stubborn fat cells! The damaged fat cells will pass through the body naturally over 12 weeks following the treatment. For more information about our Trusculpt technology, click here. 

For more information on Bio-Remodelling filler or any of our other treatments, contact Flawless Rejuvenation to speak with our highly experienced Dermal Clinicians. Alternatively, book your appointment online.