Chin Augmentation

Enhance and define the lower face

A chin augmentation, also known as a chin enhancement, is a non-surgical procedure where dermal fillers are injected to change the shape or enhance of the chin. The aim is to achieve balance in the lower half of the face and create an aesthetically pleasing profile, without surgery.

A chin augmentation treatment can change the contours of your chin through the injection of dermal fillers. These fillers add volume under the skin making the chin appear more prominent or increase its definition. Chin enhancement using dermal fillers can subtly change the appearance of the chin area. It can make the chin appear more chiselled – a common request from male patients – or create softer contours, as requested by many women.

Why do clients seek chin augmentation?

      • To give greater forward projection to chin (improve facial profile)
      • Balance facial features (eg. Chin and nose)
      • Masculinise the jawline
      • Enhance a ‘weak ’ or receding chin
      • Enhance an undefined chin
      • Create a more triangular lower face
      • Reduce the prominence of mentolabial fold (horizontal chin fold)

What is involved in the procedure?

Careful planning and designing go into the chin shape and profile to suit each patient. Every patient is different along with their desires of what they wish to achieve following the procedure. A local anaesthetic is injected to numb the area for your comfort. 2-3 injections of filler will be injected and then by sculpting, the filler is molded into place.

Frequently asked questions

How long do results from non-surgical chin augmentation last?

Results last for 9-12 months. Today with the longevity of the Dermal Fillers, you do not need to run the risk of infection and scar tissue with chin implants.  Muscle Relaxant Injections will last 3 to 4 months in most cases, results may vary.

How much does chin augmentation cost?

In order to receive an accurate and individualised quote please contact us via email or call 03 9827 5246 to book a complimentary consultation.

The total cost of dermal filler injections varies depending on the deficit present in the chin area and in turn the amount of product required to be injected. The brand of dermal filler will also determine the cost of treatment.

Are there any potential complications?

Dermal Fillers and Muscle Relaxant Injections are very safe. The risk of swelling and bruising in this area is very low.

What is the expected recovery after chin augmentation?

Some minor swelling is expected, which usually resolves within one to two days. A small percentage of patients will also develop minor bruising that can usually be covered with makeup. Patients should avoid exercise for twenty-four hours after the procedure to minimize swelling. Otherwise, patients can resume work and normal activities.

What are the benefits of fillers for the jawline as compared to surgery?

Facial filler treatments provide a non-invasive, non-surgical way to get the jawline you desire. While results are temporary, there is no downtime and much lower chance of complications than with a jawline or chin augmentation surgery.