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True Lift is considered a non-surgical facelift because it uses strategically placed filler to lift and support facial ligaments giving you a natural looking lifted appearance.
##Why True Lift: True Lift supports the structural ligaments in our face. There are four ligaments in our face that run from bone to skin, and they support the different compartments of our face. Over time they begin to sag, and this causes our face to look heavy and feel as if it is hanging. ##How True Lift works: With TruLift, 2ml of dermal filler is placed under the four ligament locations to help lift and support them. The result is a natural looking lifted and refreshed appearance. ##Who is this treatment for? This treatment is for anyone who feels like the lower part of their face looks or feels heavy. As we age as skin beings to sag creating a heavier appearance and feel. ##Anti-wrinkle treatments - instead or as well? The True Lift can work with anti-wrinkle treatments. The True Lift will lift the ligaments to reduce sagging. Anti-wrinkle treatments will relax the muscles reducing expression lines. True Lift and anti-wrinkle injections work wonderfully well together for a total Rejuvenation. ##What does it feel like? Most clients will feel little to no discomfort, and the treatment takes roughly 30 -45 minutes. There is a slight sting when the needle touches the skin and then slight pressure on the area where the product is applied. ##A little bit more about True Lift: Facial ageing is a complex process which is multi-factorial, involving loss of bony support, sagging of the facial ligaments, loss of facial fat and displacement of fat compartments and thinning of the skin tissue. The result of this ageing is facial sagging and wrinkling. The True Lift is a non-surgical procedure that focuses on re-tightening of the four true ligaments of the face. Dermal filler is placed at the base of these ligaments, resulting in a direct tightening of the ligaments and lifting of facial tissue. The True Lift allows our skilled injectors to address the structural descent of the soft tissues due to facial ligament laxity. This injection technique introduces a simple and effective way to rejuvenate the ageing face. Most importantly, it is a procedure based on the anatomical structure with a predictable result. ##What to expect: True Lift is considered a non-surgical face-lift resulting in the immediate lifting of the four true ligaments. Most patients have little to no downtime however exercise should be avoided for two days, and in some circumstances, mild bruising may occur. **The results are more subtle than a surgical procedure but ideal for those who want to take a non-invasive approach to lift and rejuvenate the face.** **Find out more about [True Lift] ( "True Lift").** **Cost** $1400 **Downtime:** 1-few days **Session Time:** 45 minutes

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