Cutera enlighten for Skin

Cutera enlighten is our latest and greatest laser treatment on offer at Flawless Rejuvenation. Harnessing advanced picosecond laser technology, this new system by Cutera is designed to reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation lesions, fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring to provide total skin rejuvenation.

With the choice of two powerful non-ablative treatments, Pico Genesis and Pico Genesis FX, Cutera enlighten can target various common skin concerns and is suitable for patients of all skin types and tones.

As we age and go through life, skin discolouration, pigmentation lesions, and wrinkles can become a cause for concern, contributing to a dull, tired appearance and confidence issues. Patients may notice melasma, sunspots, age spots, and wrinkles developing and may think these concerns are not treatable. However, with the Cutera enlighten, and its innovative picosecond laser technology, Pico Genesis and Pico GenesisFX treatments can target specific areas by adjusting wavelengths and applicators, customising the treatment to a patient’s particular concerns. This reduces the risk of thermal damage in the epidermal skin layer and makes Cutera enlighten a safe, effective treatment.

With acne scarring, pico laser technology works to create thermal injuries on the treatment areas to trigger your body’s natural healing process and stimulate collagen production, thus repairing and resurfacing the skin for total rejuvenation and reducing the appearance of acne scarring.

Each Session

5 - 30 minutes

Down Time


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At Flawless Rejuvenation, we offer a personalised, patient-focused treatment approach. Explore your rejuvenation options with an obligation-free consultation, valued at $50, which is fully redeemable if you proceed with treatment. At your consult, we will:

  • Establish your concerns and what you hope to achieve
  • Provide customised advice from trained experts
  • Deliver a unique treatment plan, tailored to you and your body

How it works

Cutera enlighten uses non-thermal, photomechanical effects and pico laser technology to shatter skin pigmentation and resurface the skin for a revitalised appearance without causing damage to the epidermis skin layer. The device system uses three wavelengths that have been clinically proven to work on darker pigmentation found in skin imperfections. The wavelengths work at dual nanosecond and picosecond pulses to deliver optimised and targeted effects on an individual’s skin concerns whilst stimulating collagen production to remodel and improve the skin’s texture.

Pico Genesis
Pico Genesis is designed for patients looking to remove skin pigmentation such as sunspots, age spots, and melasma while providing rejuvenated skin quality and tone. It is the original Cutera enlighten treatment for targeting various skin lesions patients often deal with.

Pico Genesis FX
The newest addition to Cutera’s enlighten system, this treatment uses fractionated picosecond laser pulses combined with a novel Micro Lens Array (MLA) handpiece to treat acne scarring and textural skin issues. It delivers high-energy picosecond pulses to induce non-thermal breakdown within the dermis, promoting collagen and elastin production that resurfaces the skin’s texture for a smoother appearance.

The benefits

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Acne Scars


There are many benefits to Cutera’s powerful enlighten treatments, including:

  • Treats various skin pigmentation issues, acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Highly targeted treatment helps to minimise and contain any damage, meaning the treatment is extremely safe and can be used anywhere on the face or body.
  • No downtime, meaning patients can go about their typical day immediately after their session.
  • No discomfort or pain.
  • Very few side effects as the treatment will not damage the skin.
  • Treatments are quick, taking between five to thirty minutes.

Ideal candidates for Cutera enlighten

Cutera enlighten is suitable for men and women of all ages, skin types, and skin tones who may have various skin and pigmentation concerns and are in good health. The treatment can be used on any area of the face or body for diverse treatment options.

To check your suitability, we recommend booking a consultation with one of our highly skilled clinicians to assess whether Cutera enlighten is the right treatment option for you.

What to expect

Before beginning treatment, your skin will be prepped and cleansed. A topical anaesthetic cream can be applied if patients are worried about experiencing discomfort and discuss this beforehand with their clinician. However, most patients do not typically require topical numbing creams. During your treatment, the laser emits ultra-short pulses to shatter the pigmentation lesions and is delivered rapidly to the treatment area. Most patients equate the feeling of this treatment to a short, slight snap of a rubber band. Pico GenesisFX patients find their treatment quite comfortable, describing the feeling of static rain on their skin.

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Things to consider

Immediately after your Cutera enlighten treatment, you may experience some swelling, redness, tenderness, crusting, or a sunburn sensation. This average post-treatment experience usually subsides shortly after your treatment as the skin lesions crust and fall away. Pigmentation and skin revitalisation patients may see a darkened treatment area that will subside after a few days.


What areas can be treated?

Cutera enlighten treatments can be used anywhere on the face, hands, or other body areas with skin pigmentation concerns, fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring. This makes Cutera enlighten a highly-versatile system for treating patients with various concerns in different body areas.

How many treatments are required?

This will vary for every patient depending on what concerns they wish to target and their desired outcomes for the treatment. For patients with hyperpigmentation concerns, roughly one to three sessions four weeks apart are recommended.

Before & Afters

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