Cutera enlighten for Tattoo Removal

Flawless Rejuvenation is proud to offer our first tattoo removal treatment using the latest advancement in laser technology: enlighten by Cutera.

Perhaps that tattoo you got when you were younger is not very aesthetically pleasing now, or it does not align with your current life. Maybe it represents a fleeting feeling, or you just want to free up space for a new tattoo. Individuals who have gotten cosmetic tattoos also may wish to change their appearance by removal. Whatever the reason may be, patients with unwanted or regretful tattoos will find enlighten by Cutera highly beneficial in destroying black and coloured pigmentation anywhere on the body.

The treatment uses customisable options provided by the laser device’s PICO treatment to shatter tattoo pigments of all colours safely and effectively. With its three chosen wavelengths and two pulse durations, nanosecond and picosecond, enlighten delivers pulses of laser energy 1000 times faster than traditional laser removal treatments, meaning you can experience complete removal in fewer sessions.

Each Session

5 - 30 minutes

Down Time


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At Flawless Rejuvenation, we offer a personalised, patient-focused treatment approach. Explore your rejuvenation options with an obligation-free consultation, valued at $50, which is fully redeemable if you proceed with treatment. At your consult, we will:

  • Establish your concerns and what you hope to achieve
  • Provide customised advice from trained experts
  • Deliver a unique treatment plan, tailored to you and your body

How it works

enlighten by Cutera delivers laser energy to the tattoo via rapid fast nanosecond and picosecond pulses, producing photomechanical effects that shatter the ink particles into tiny pieces. These short and ultra-fast pulses deliver laser energy at the speed of a billionth of a second. They are proven more effective, resulting in fast treatment times which means less discomfort. The device offers three unique wavelengths to target the different tattoo ink pigmentations, making enlighten a diverse treatment for tattoo removal. The ink particles are then eliminated and drained through the lymphatic system.

The benefits

The benefits of tattoo removal with enlighten can include:

  • Depending on the size and intensity of the tattoo, it can typically require only half the amount of treatments compared to other tattoo removal treatments.
  • enlighten’s picotechnology generates heat 1000 times faster to reduce damage to surrounding tissue, meaning less risk of scarring.
  • Less discomfort and a shorter recovery time is another benefit of enlighten’s advanced laser technology.
  • Tattoo ink is deposited into different levels of the dermis and enlighten by Cutera is the only skin laser system that can work at varying depth levels and targets a full spectrum of colours.
  • It is suitable for all skin types and tones and can be performed anywhere on the body.

Ideal candidates for tattoo removal

enlighten by Cutera is suitable for men and women of all ages, skin types and skin tones. Individuals with the following concerns will find enlighten treatments highly beneficial:

  • New, old, or faded tattoos
  • Previously treated tattoos by other laser systems
  • Undesired parts of an existing tattoo

We recommend booking a consultation with one of our highly skilled clinicians to check your suitability. They will assess your tattoo and determine whether enlighten by Cutera is the right treatment option for you.

What to expect

Before the treatment begins, your skin will be prepped and cleansed. A topical anaesthetic cream may be applied if patients are concerned about discomfort and discuss this beforehand with their clinician, but most patients do not typically require topical numbing creams. Most patients equate the feeling of this treatment to a short, slight snap of a rubber band. During your treatment, the laser emits ultra-short pulses to shatter the ink pigmentation, delivered in varying wavelengths to target certain pigments. enlighten treatments can take between one to ten sessions, depending on the ink’s density and the tattoo’s composition, colours, and size. Over time as you receive the treatment, your tattoo will lighten, restoring clear, ink-free skin.

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Things to consider

Immediately after your treatment, you will experience redness and swelling; in some cases, a blister can appear on the treated area. However, these temporary symptoms will subside if patients follow proper aftercare. Patients can return to their daily activities immediately, with a cream or ointment applied to the skin and the treatment area and wrapped for protection to promote healthy healing.


What colours can enlighten remove?

enlighten by Cutera offers three wavelengths to target a multitude of colours in various settings, with 532, 1064, and 670nm laser wavelengths. The spot size of the device can range from 2-8mm to effectively address more precise areas and larger treatment sections. The 532nm wavelength can effectively remove red ink pigments, the 670nm can target green and blue pinks, and the 1064nm wavelength is suitable for darker pigments.

What areas can be treated for tattoo removal?

Wherever your tattoo is located, enlighten by Cutera can be used. Treatments can be performed anywhere on the face, hands, or body.

Will there be scarring?

There is a meagre chance of scarring from enlighten by Cutera as the device is designed to be non-ablative. It delivers laser energy without thermal heat, typically used by other laser treatments and can cause tissue damage. Patients are at a higher risk of scarring if they have a darker skin tone, poor circulation, or are immunocompromised.

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