Excel V Vein Removal

Leg Vein removal OR Facial Redness or Capillaries 30 minute session $240 per session - (Valued at $300) We recommend 3 Treatments for best results. Purchase a pack of 3 for $695 (Valued at $900)
Excel V Our excel V is a specialist vascular laser which utilises two very targeted wavelengths to treat superficial and deep veins. This laser is the gold standard in vascular treatments and has been medically tested to treat a variety of conditions such as rosacea, spider veins, leg veins and diffused redness. 1-3 treatments are typically required for best outcomes. Treatments are usually spaced out 4-8 weeks apart and are each 15-45 minutes in duration. Clients will usually feel a mild stinging sensation as the treatment is performed. This treatment is extremely well tolerated. Some mild speckled like bruising could occur in some sensitive areas depending on the condition we are treating. This can be covered with makeup and will fade over the next few days.

Facial and leg veins can now be a thing of the past

Purchase a pack of 3 for $695 (Valued at $900) Offer valid until May 31st

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