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Vogue January 2018 Cover

We’re in Vogue Again!

Flawless Rejuvenation is featured in the Vogue Cosmetic Guide again this year and in the Victorian listing for Top Medi-Spas 2018 in the country. We’re thrilled and excited to share the stories with you. The January edition of Vogue Australia carries a lift-out Cosmetic Guide and featured a full-page interview one of our clients, Sally, 50. […]

MFMB Awards

Flawless Rejuvenation – Winner of Three Awards

The My Face, My Body Awards, are the largest and most highly recognized awards program globally, celebrating innovation and customer excellence.   We recently attended the prestigious My Face, My Body Awards in Sydney. We are proud to announce that we were the recipients of three awards: Best Customer Experience – Australia/New Zealand Best New […]

Peptide Peel Girls

The Two Biggest Peel Myths Debunked

We get asked so many questions about peels and are constantly debunking peel myths. The benefits of peels include rejuvenated and hydrated skin assisting with anti-ageing and even skin tones. Peels have come a long way, and the right peel can do wonders for your skin. Here, we debunk the two greatest myths about peels. […]

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Top 5 Questions – Anti-Wrinkle Injections

We get asked myriad questions by clients considering anti-wrinkle injections. It’s important to us that our clients are comfortable with all facets of the treatment. If you have been considering anti-wrinkle injections but still have a few questions before trying it, we have answered the five most common questions here. 1) Will people notice? The […]

Get Race Day Ready!

So, you’re off to the races in a few weeks, and you want to look your best. You have your outfit ready. Now it’s time to get your glow on! Here are a few things to do to get your skin race day ready: 4 Weeks to Go SKIN First skin! Winter is now behind […]

Vogue Feature images

Always in Vogue!

The August edition carried a lift out Cosmetic Guide and featured a full-page interview with one of our clients, Molly.   Molly came to Flawless to address concerns with her sun damaged neck and décolletage. Her treatment, overseen by Dr. Sean Arendse, included a course of Beauty Booster treatments. In between the Beauty Booster treatments, […]

HydraFacial Article!

We are featured in CosBeauty! Check out the interview with Dr Arendse in CosBeauty and get more info about our Flawless Hydrafacials here


We are proud and humbled We are extremely proud and again humbled to have received recognition for a second year in a row at the My Face My Body Awards! We had a fantastic evening and feel honoured to have won and been recognized for two awards: Winner – best practice manager Highly commended for […]

Excel V Technology

Deliver reproducible, beautiful results with cutera’s excel v – the effective, precise and flexible solution to treat vascular and benign pigmented conditions. In the past, treatment of vascular and benign pigmented conditions presented a formidable challenge, where results only became visible over a course of treatments. Up until now. Delivering precision treatment parameters with unmatched […]

Our Team

Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia Membership

Dr Sean Arendse was recently awarded membership with the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA)     A Cosmetic Physician is the name given to a medical practitioner who has chosen to train in, qualify and practise non-invasive medical treatments that provide patients with an improved aesthetic physical appearance and/or condition.  Treatments also go further […]

Dermal Fillers

What are dermal fillers? What are the benefits? Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers work to firm and plump by attracting water to the deep layers of the skin. Injections of dermal filler restore the skin’s natural support structures damaged by aging. For this reason, they are commonly used for filling out wrinkles on the face, hollows […]

Dr Sean Arendse and Flawless Rejuvenation featured in Vogue

Flawless Rejuvenation and Dr Sean Arendse were recently published in Vogue magazine Australia. The articles discuss Dr Arendse’s work specialising in non-surgical face and body treatments and Flawless Rejuvenation being featured on the A-list for medi-spas in 2016. View Featured Articles Below    

My Face My Body Awards

My Face My Body Awards

Humbled Recently we were blessed with the opportunity to compete in the MY FACE MY BODY awards evening. It was a fantastic evening with a huge amount of energy and joy in the room. We were lucky enough to walk away with several awards Best practice website Best Aesthetic Practice – VIC We were also […]

Should you use fake tan or sun bake?

When it comes to a tan, it should come from a can

In a recent article written by Executive Style, our very own Dr Sean Arendse has one word of advice for those wishing to spend their weekends sunbaking: don’t. Having seen his fair share of patients over the years, Dr Arendse has seen some of the sorry effects of a tan at Flawless Rejuvenation Skin Clinic. […]

Dr Arendse attends Vogue Event in Melbourne

This October, Dr Arendse attended an exclusive Vogue Australia event This event focused on anti-ageing advancements and featured a number of keynote speakers considered experts in their field. Dr Arendse was one of these keynote speakers and gave his address on the cosmetic industry. The event itself was held on October 31st, 2015 in Melbourne, […]

Fraxel Dual for acne scars

How to get rid of acne scarring: Fraxel Dual and DermaPen

How to get rid of acne scarring: Fraxel Dual and DermaPen Fraxel Dual can be used to treat a range of cosmetic skin issues including acne scarring, and DermaPen is ideal for correcting textural skin issues. What is Fraxel Dual? Fraxel Dual is a fractional laser used to resurface the skin and promote the regeneration […]

Laser treatment for stretch marks

Does Fraxel Laser work for stretch marks?

Stretch marks are a common cause for concern, so luckily they can be improved with fractional laser therapy. Stretch marks, medically known as striae, occur when your skin expands or contracts too quickly resulting in tearing of the collagen and elastin found in the dermal layer of the skin. They can occur due to significant […]

Mens skin care

The Age: Feeling ragged? Looking Worse? Tidy up for the silly season

“The treatments with the best results involve a laser, and most of these need four to six sessions, three or four weeks apart for the optimum results,” Dr Arendse says. “Some clients — especially men — do not have the time to commit to that, and are coming in instead for a HydraFacial.” Full article: […]


The Sydney Morning Herald: Skin Aging in Joggers

Q: Is there really such a thing as “runner’s face”? If so, what can be done to make the face appear more youthful? A: Dr Arendse says “…The atrophied fat pads in a jogger’s face can now be safely replaced with hyaluronic acid fillers… restoring youthful curves and volume in the face.” Q: Is there […]

complete wedding melbourne

Complete Wedding: A Wedding Glow that Lasts

“Dr Sean Arendse, cosmetic physician at Flawless Skin Rejuvenation Clinic in Melbourne has seen a rise in bridal clients in recent years, with about 35% of the clinic’s clients being brides-to-be. Ardense explains that of course, brides want to look their absolute best on their special day, but also beyond. Traditionally brides have spent thousands […]

should my husband being using men's skincare or is it OK that he use mine?

The Age: Men’s Skin Care

Q: Should my husband be using men’s skin care or is it OK that he uses mine? A: Men’s skin is different to women’s: thicker and oilier: Sebum levels tend to be higher… A cream applied to men’s skin will therefore feel different to the same cream on women’s, according to dermal clinician Sally Risby. […]

The Age: “Q: Is men’s skin really different to women’s?”

  A: … “At all ages, even prior to menopause, men have thicker skin than women,” says Sally Risby, a dermal clinician at Flawless Rejuvenation in Toorak…Risby says some research shows squamous cell carcinomas are twice to three times more common in older men. Full article: Q: Is men’s skin really different to women’s? Natasha […]

The Age - At what age did you get old

The Age: “At what age did you get old?”

According to Flawless Rejuvenation skin clinic, studies show that decreased oestrogen is linked with dryness, skin thinning and fine wrinkling. Yet pre-or post-menopausal, 30 or 50 or 44, women are going to start to feel their age at different ages. It may not be linked to changes in their appearance. It may even be a […]