Fraxel® Laser Resurfacing Melbourne VIC

Fraxel Laser Resurfacing

Target pigmentary and textural concerns

Fraxel®, a patented fractional laser technology, specifically targets a portion or fraction of the skin to reduce post treatment recovery time and increase safety compared with traditional CO2 laser resurfacing, to target pigmentary and textural concerns.

Fraxel® Dual (1550nm/1927nm) benefits

  • Skin tone and texture
  • The appearance of pigmentation (uneven skin colour, age spots, and freckles)
  • The appearance of surgical, traumatic and acne scars.

Fraxel Before and After Photos

The advantage of two treatment modes with Fraxel® Dual

  1. 1550 nm: targets concerns such as wrinkles or acne scarring.
  2. 1927 nm: targets pigmentation, tone, texture and other more superficial signs of aging.

The treatment is tailored to each patient’s desired outcomes and can even be combined to achieve the added benefits of both a superficial and deep laser treatment, both on and off the face.

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