Gummy Smile

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A ‘gummy smile’ occurs when excess gum tissue is seen above the upper teeth upon smiling.

For many people this occurs due to an overactive muscle that influences the movement of your upper lip. When you smile this muscle causes the upper lip to rise higher than most people revealing more gum tissue.

Generically termed, ‘anti-wrinkle injections’, that have a relaxing effect on muscles are used to improve a gummy smile. By relaxing the muscle that is lifting the upper lip excessively upon smiling, reduced elevation occurs.

This is a very quick treatment, with little discomfort, that allows you to return to daily activities immediately without visible signs of treatment.

Before & After

gummy smile

Frequently asked questions

How long will treatment results last?

Usually it will take 3-5 days before you notice any changes to your smile, however for some people it may take longer. You can expect results to last 3-4 months on average.

How much does the treatment a gummy smile cost?

For a detailed estimate please call the clinic on 03 9827 5246 or contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation.