Injectables – Curious?

So many of our loyal clients began their relationship with us as interested and curious, unsure of what anti-wrinkle injections entailed and with so many great questions. Many of the questions were around outcomes and downtimes.

We’ve compiled a list of these great questions and asked our expert clinicians (Medical Director, Dr Sean Arendse and Aesthetic Nurses Heidi Parker and Vanessa Kralj) to answer them.

I’m new to injectables. What do I ask for to make sure I don’t end up expressionless?

Sean: “Our aesthetic is all about natural enhancement and with our years of experience we know exactly how to achieve a softer, more natural look for our clients. Many of our long-term clients were originally concerned with the media’s portrayal of a ‘frozen’ look. Once they experienced their first treatment with us, they have become lifelong clients due to the natural results we achieve for them.”

Heidi: “It’s important to discuss the look you are after with your clinician. I would think about what lines really bother you the most and focus on them.”

Vanessa: ” We can certainly ensure that you retain your natural look and expression. This result would require lower doses which also means that you will be returning a little sooner for treatments than you would at higher doses. As long as you don’t mind visiting us a little more often, we will have you looking fresh.”

I’ve noticed my lips are a little thinner now that I’m older. I’d like to have them a little plumper, but am worried I’ll end up with duck lips.

Heidi: “It takes a lot of dermal filler and/or a poor injecting technique to give duck lips. On average, 1ml of dermal filler across the upper and lower lip will give a natural looking plumper lip.”

Vanessa: “No need to worry about duck lips. It’s imperative to us at Flawless to recreate what belongs to the client and give them back close to what they had only a few years before. Natural is the keyword, and a conservative, individualistic approach is how we get you there.”

I really want to get rid of my frown lines, but I don’t want anyone to know I’ve had anti-wrinkle injections.

Sean: “Our clients are always commenting that they originally thought people would ask if they’d had anti-wrinkle injections. Most clients mention that people notice they look fresher. We work with our clients to add to their natural beauty, not to change it.”

Heidi: “The frown is the one area on the face where you can lose that expression without anyone noticing. You would be surprised how many people treat this area. It’s the most common area we treat. It has little or no recovery time.”

Do I need to have anti-wrinkle injections on the day of my appointment? I think I’d really like to just talk to someone about the process.

Sean: “We offer an obligation free consultation with our experienced injecting team. It’s crucial for you to be fully informed on treatment recommendations, what to expect and the costs involved before proceeding with any treatment. There is no issue with coming in purely for a consultation. For some, this involves going away and thinking about how they wish to proceed. You can always call up and book in for your treatment after visiting us for your initial consultation.

Vanessa: “Our clinicians are there to answer any questions you may have, and ultimately you need to be comfortable with any decision you make.”

Why are there so many differences in what clinics charge for injectables?

Sean: “This is a question we get asked every day. It’s important to look at the experience of the clinic, and most importantly the injector providing the treatment before considering the price. Price is usually an indicator of the level of medical experience and quality of customer service you will receive. As the cosmetic industry is still highly unregulated, there are many clinics or salons offering injectables when they may not have the appropriate medical qualifications and training.

We often receive calls from people asking how much do we charge per ml for Dermal Filler or how much it cost for a unit of Anti-wrinkle injections. It’s important to remember that it’s not just the product you are paying for, and the variation in cost between clinics is due to the level of experience and medical support offered by those clinics. Flawless Rejuvenation injectors are all medically qualified and highly skilled.”

Heidi: “There is variation out there on pricing, but there is also a lot of variation in skill and experience of the people doing the treatments. Usually, the best clinics with the best evidence-based treatments and experienced injectors, with the best medical back up and support will charge accordingly. Never bargain basement your face!”

Flawless Rejuvenation are committed to helping you look the best, most natural version of yourself.

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