Top 5 Questions - Jawline Fillers

Here's something you may not have known is an option - jawline fillers. Injectables expert, Nurse Heidi, answers five questions on the secret treatment you may well be interested in.
##How do I know if I need jawline fillers?## If you find that the lower part of your face is looking heavier, you have pockets of skin that hang a little near your chin, and you feel like you are developing a double chin or you want a sharper angle on your jawline this treatment could be right for you. For men who are wanting a more masculine and chiselled jaw, this is an excellent treatment. ##What are the main benefits?## The main benefits of jawline fillers are that it creates a lifted and supported appearance to your jawline and chin area without you looking like you have had any work done. It also smoothes the contours and visual line of your jaw. It creates a more angled and chiselled appearance to the face. ##Do they feel the same as other dermal fillers?## Yes, it feels the same as other dermal filler treatments and settles quickly like other [Dermal Filler Treatments]( ##How often would I need them?## Approximately yearly, but some people may have effects lasting 1-2 years depending on the product used and the volume placed in the area. Over time dermal fillers can last longer again if treatments are maintained, and the same applies to the jawline. ##What else should I know?## The volumes required to get a good result along the jawline varies. Filler volume depends on; the age of the person, the structural loss of tissue under the skin and face size. Always seek an assessment by an experienced and qualified injector who should be able to discuss this with you.

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