Men’s Anti-Aging

Handsome and natural

Anti-aging treatments are not just for women. The Flawless Rejuvenation Skin Clinic team welcome male clients and understand that a subtle and undetectable approach to men’s anti-aging is essential to maintain masculine features, while allowing clients to grow handsomely mature.

Our service is discreet and our staff understand that you may be hesitant about attending an aesthetic clinic and having procedures. We offer a complimentary consultation prior to all procedures where we answer any and all of your questions. We also provide, online appointment booking requests to make it easy for you to book in anywhere and at any time, without having to make a phone call.

Why do men seek anti-aging treatments?

‘Tired’ Appearance

While many men do not want to look discernibly ‘younger’, a sign of aging that they dislike and seek treatment for is a ‘tired’ appearance despite adequate sleep.

Treatments for such concerns may include dermal fillers to address under eye hollows (tear troughs) and anti-wrinkle injections to reduce lines and wrinkles in targeted areas, such as the frown and crow’s feet.

Wrinkles & Lines

Often men seek treatment of wrinkles that make them look angry or overly serious when in fact they are relaxed.

Common areas of concern include frown lines between the eyebrows, horizontal forehead lines, and crow’s feet on the outer aspect of the eyes. These areas can be relaxed with anti-wrinkle injections to subtly reduce lines over time, without causing a frozen, artificial or unnatural look. For deep lines and furrows dermal fillers may be used to soften their appearance.

No matter the intervention used, the goal is for a gradual and undetectable change. You will know, but all others will see is a more relaxed and well rested version of you.

Age Spots, Freckles & Fine Lines

Pigmentation (age spots and freckles) and fine lines caused by years of sun exposure are signs of aging that many Australian men notice.

These concerns are treated with a laser called Fraxel, and maintained long term with clinical skincare.