Top 5 things – Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting is the world’s number 1 non-invasive treatment for effective fat reduction of the body and double chin. Originating from Harvard Medical School, there have now been over 6 million CoolSculpting treatments performed worldwide. CoolSculpting an innovative way to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat away with no surgery or downtime.

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Here are your top 5 questions answered:

1. Is it permanent?

Yes, CoolSculpting is FDA approved to permanently destroy treated fat cells through targeted cooling. With many other fat reduction treatments available on the market, it is important to ask if the procedure is FDA approved and how long results last.

2. Does it hurt?

CoolSculpting clients find this treatment extremely tolerable. You may feel a slight pulling from the suction and tingle from the cold initial at the start of your treatment. However, the area quickly becomes numb, and treatment sensations are mild. Treatments can take anywhere from 35 minutes to 1 hour per cycle.

3. Do I need to take time off work?

Usually no. You will have some mild tenderness, itchy skin and discomfort, however, most clients resume work on the day of treatment or the day after. If discomfort is more moderate, pain medication could be recommended.

4. What does it cost?

As everyone has a different body shape, requiring different areas to be treated or varying numbers of treatments, the cost will vary from patient to patient. Our advice is to always choose a qualified practice over the cheaper provider.

CoolSculpting is very operator dependent, meaning if you clinician is not appropriately trained you may not get the same outcomes as you would with an experienced clinic. Treatments are from $650.

5. How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions required will vary from person to person. Studies show a single session will reduce treated tissue by 20-25%. So even with a single session, you should see a vast improvement. We have many patients who go on to have further treatment to increase this percentage. However, some are very happy with their results after one treatment.

We can guide you as to what the best treatment plan will be for you during your complimentary consultation.

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