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Melbourne's CoolScuplting specialists:
We can reshape your body without surgery.

Many of us have frustrating areas of body fat where we will put on extra inches more noticeably and that resist change via diet and exercise. You may be fit and in a healthy weight range, however these deposits of fat remain as extra padding, possibly even hiding the hard earned muscles you have built up at the gym. Fortunately, these areas can be treated with CoolSculpting, using cooling technology, known as Cryolipolysis®.

each session45 minutes

down time1/2 Day

starting at$650

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Treatment Areas

Flatter Tummy

Slimmer Chin

Outer Thigh

Upper Arms

Hips / Sides

How it works

Genuine CoolSculpting clinics will have a branded machine manufactured by Zeltiq and have a listing on the CoolSculpting Australia website.

Like any treatment, CoolSculpting does not just rely on the technology used, but also the operator’s skill. Our experienced operators have all been trained at the CoolSculpting University.

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