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Cosmelan Mask and Home Care kit

Highly effective for all kinds of skin pigmentation including pregnancy blemishes, sunspots, and hormonal pigmentation. Your skin will begin to show signs of improvement in the first or second week of cosmetic treatment using the cosmelan® method, however, your results will continue to improve for up to 6 months after your initial treatment.

each session45 minutes

down timeSeveral Days

starting at$1200

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Cosmelan Pack

The cosmelan® pack provides an effective combination of professional treatment and take-home care maintenance products.

The take-home care kit is included in your treatment and contains the initial mask (salon treatment) and the maintenance cream (home treatment)

The pack also includes a specialist cleanser, toner, fast skin repair serum, hydra vital face mask, hydra-vital factor k cream and moisturiser.


+What is Cosmelan?