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We can restore volume and symmetry without surgery.

Dermal fillers are a procedure using injections of a substance found naturally in the body to restore the skin’s natural support structures damaged by aging. Studies have shown when Injectable treatments are combined with skin treatments clients achieve an amplified effect and satisfaction levels increase. Flawless Rejuvenation offer combination Muscle Relaxant and Dermal Filler packages for those wanting to combine treatments.

each session30 minutes

down time1 Day

starting at$700

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Treatment Areas

Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancements are perfect for those just wanting a fuller appearance or for those whose lips have decreased over time making them look smaller. Treatments can be very subtle for those wanting a conservative appearance or can be done to enlarge the lips for a fuller voluptuous look.

Smiles Lines (Naso Labial Lines)

These folds can become heavier over time dragging down the appearance of the face. Treatment softens these lines providing a fresher appearance to the area above the smile.

Marionette Lines

These are the folds that appear from the corners of the mouth down to the jawline giving a sad and heavy appearance. Treating this area improves this area strengthening the under mouth area and jawline.

Cheek Enhancement

If we lose our cheeks over time it can make us look more tired and can contribute to the bottom of our face looking heavier. Dermal Fillers in our cheeks help to make our face look fuller and can be used to shape our face giving that desirable high cheekbone appearance.

Jawline Enhancement

Dermal Fillers can be used to strengthen and define jawlines to provide more prominence and angulation. This can be done from the back of the jaw through to the chin area.

Chin Enhancement

If you are concerned your chin is looking too small chin enhancements help to lengthen the chin and improve projection so that the face looks more balanced and symmetrical.

Hollowing of the Eyes (Tear Troughs)

Sometimes volume loss under the eyes can make us look tired all the time or create shadows under the eyes. Treatment of this area can relieve tired appearances making you look fresh and awake.

Smokers Lines

Lines above the upper lip and bleeding lipstick lines can be treated with dermal fillers reducing the appearance of these lines giving a more youthful appearance to the mouth area. These lines occur in non-smokers as well and with advancing age.


Some people find their temples hollow over time which can alter the overall appearance of the face. Treatment will fill out these hollows and soften any angles in the temple area.

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