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Remove dead skin build up and fine vellus hairs

Epidermal leveling is a manual exfoliation procedure using a specialized straight edge surgical blade or scalpel at a 45 degree angle to exfoliate the epidermis while also removing fine vellus hairs. This treatment includes a deep cleanse, epidermal levelling manual exfoliation to remove dead skin build up and fine vellus hairs (dermaplaning), and a professional oxygen treatment mask to brighten, soothe and boosts skin oxygen levels. The exfoliation achieved is similar to Microdermabrasion but without the negative pressure.

each session45 minutes

down timenone

starting at$175

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What to expect

This procedure involves the use of a patented blade that works by removing surface dead skin cells and fine down-like hair on the face that makes it difficult for products to penetrate and aids the smooth application of makeup. After treatment, the skin feels smooth, soft and hydrated.

This procedure can be carried out in a lunch hour allowing the patient to get straight back to the day’s activities, with no down time at all. Painless and time effective, treatments are normally repeated every three weeks to monthly depending on the patient’s requirements. The results are amazing. Glowing skin that looks refreshed and renewed. A fantastic pick-me-up and great for special occasions.

This treatment is best for the following: Waxing clients, Clients with vellus hair, Congestion and milia, Dead skin buildup, Dull devitalized skin, Superficial hyperpigmentation and clients needing to increase the intensity of peels