Laser Hair Removal Melbourne

Laser hair removal ideal for those that are seeking permanent hair removal results.

Flawless Rejuvenation Skin Clinic uses the gold standard Light Sheer Duet™ Laser for hair removal treatments. The Light Sheer Duet™ is a state-of-the-art machine producing superior results, safely.

Unwanted hair can be a concern for many people, especially in highly visible areas such as the face for women.

Laser hair removal areas

  • Underarms
  • Bikini line
  • Legs and feet
  • Men’s backs and chests
  • Stomach
  • Arms and hands
  • Facial areas



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Frequently asked questions

What is laser hair removal?

A laser is a machine that has been engineered to emit a very specific colour of light, in very short bursts (pulses) for a specific purpose, in this case hair removal. During a laser treatment a concentrated beam of light is emitted for a fraction of a second (milliseconds), passing through the skin to the hair follicle where the energy is transferred to heat, significantly impeding the actively growing hairs ability to re-grow. Unlike older methods of permanent hair removal, that treat one hair at a time, laser targets large areas containing numerous hair follicles with each pulse of the laser, resulting in a faster and more efficient treatment.

How often are laser hair removal treatments performed? Why are multiple treatments needed?

After the initial treatment, the areas are re-examined and further treatments performed at 2-10 weekly intervals (depending on the area being treated), or as necessary until the area is clear or that it is decided further treatments are not of benefit.

Multiple treatments are necessary as hair is constantly growing at varying rates. This means at any one time some hair follicles will be dormant (not in their growth phase). As the laser targets hair in the growth phase you will need repeated treatments until all hairs have been treated in this phase.

With the Light Sheer Duet™ you will notice permanent results after the first treatment. However, you will require more than one treatment to achieve a complete result, a treatment program of between three and eight or more visits is normal.

Do I have to have a laser patch test? Why do I need to have one?

Your first visit will be a consultation and patch test. This is a non-negotiable requirement for every new client having laser hair reduction at Flawless Rejuvenation Skin Clinic and must be performed for a minimum of 1 week before treatment commences, regardless of any previous laser or IPL treatments at other clinics. This is for your safety and to ensure that the correct parameters are chosen.

Can I use other methods of hair removal while having laser hair removal?

You can shave or use depilatories, however any methods that remove the hair from the root (plucking, waxing, threading) cannot be used in conjunction with laser hair reduction. If you have plucked, waxed, threaded areas you wish to have laser hair reduction on you will need to wait 4-6 weeks before commencing treatment. Hair does not need to be ‘grown out’ to a certain length like with other methods of hair removal for treatments to be performed. If possible, it is preferable for you to pre-shave areas prior to treatments (except before your patch test appointment).

What colour hairs can be treated with laser hair removal?

Black or brown. There are currently no lasers on the market that can effectively treat white, bold, grey or orange hairs. The laser light is attracted to the rich melanin (the pigment) in the hair root of anagen (growing) hair, converting into heat energy when absorbed, causing localised destruction of follicular stem cells, in turn preventing hairs from growing in the future.

Is there any expected discomfort with laser hair removal?

Laser hair reduction with the Light Sheer Duet™ is more comfortable than waxing. The Light Sheer Duet™ uses 2 hand pieces. One is a large hand piece that covers areas such as legs and backs quickly (less time, less discomfort) and utilises a suction mode that allows lower energy densities (higher energy densities result in more discomfort). The second hand piece is used for small and more intricate areas. This hand piece has a chilled tip that cools the skin for comfort and safety. Post treatment the skin may be warm and ice packs can be used to cool these areas.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Please view our price guide.