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The Flawless Signature treatment targets pigmentation, facial redness, fine lines and wrinkles to acheive a younger, rejuvenated looking complexion. The treatment begins with a lactic peel to exfoliate, soften and hydrate the skin. After the lactic peel, your skin is perfectly prepared for the laser genesis. Laser genesis delivers micro-pulses of laser energy to active collagen remodelling, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while targeting pigmentation and facial redness. Laser genesis also minimises the appearance of open pores and reduces excess oil production. The final stage of this luxurious treatment is the LED light therapy session. LED perfectly complements the peel and laser genesis by reducing inflammation and assists in collagen production.

each session45 minutes

down time1/2 Day

starting at$500

Boost your skin in time for the Races.

This one-hour treatment includes lactic peel, laser genesis and LED, leaving you with a healthy glow and your best face forward. Special rate of $390. (Valued at $500)

Spaces are limited and for bookings made before October 30th.

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