Under Eye Hollows

Appear rested and rejuvenated

Tear troughs, more commonly known as the hollows under the eyes, can make the eyes area appear tired and aged.

A number of factors will determine the visibility and/or extenuation of your tear troughs. Many people will notice hollowed-appearance under the eyes in their family members (genetic trait), and with aging this feature is worsened with a thinning of the skin under the eyes (becoming more translucent) and sinking of the cheek fat pad which once supported the under eye area. In addition to these contributing factors some people also have a darkening of pigment under the eyes due to chronic UV exposure creating a darker ‘shadow’ in the area. These factors may all be present in varying degrees or there may be one or two major causes.

At Flawless Rejuvenation Skin Clinic we use dermal fillers injections to reduce the appearance of hollow tear troughs.

Who is affected my under eye hollows?

Both men and women are affected my hollowing under the eyes. As your genetics and lifestyles impact the way we age and the changes in our skin and facial structure, a wide age range of people seek treatments. To ascertain whether you are suitable for this treatment, we recommend you visit us for a complimentary consultation.