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Flawless Rejuvenation logo representing premier skincare and cosmetic services in Melbourne.

Getting Married? Let’s Get You Ready.

So your wedding day is coming up and you want to put your best face forward. Flawless Rejuvenation’s Katanya shared her beauty preparation in the six month lead up to her recent big day.

“I have very sensitive and dry skin, so I wanted a simple program with minimally invasive treatments that focused on hydration and strengthening the skin. I also wanted to target my redness and broken capillaries on my cheeks and nose, and of course, look youthful and fresh for the big day.


I started with basic Lactic peels and LED to strengthen my skin and improve my hydration levels. Lactic Peels are also great to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, which in turn will help reduce the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

I also started Laser Hair Removal (sessions every 4-6 weeks) on my legs as I didn’t want to worry about waxing or shaving on my honeymoon. It is still one of the best things I ever did.


I have some redness and broken capillaries, so I treated this with Excel V Laser. You can get a bit of swelling with this treatment, and it takes about a month or so to see the full results, so I started early. This procedure is quite fast.

My treatments took about 15-20 minutes each and were relatively comfortable. It stings a bit but is very tolerable, and again, well worth it for the outcome. Ideally, I should have had three treatments before the wedding, but I only had time for two, but it still made a huge difference for me on the day.


I wanted my skin to be youthful, so the next step was Diamond Polar Radio Freqency and LED for skin tightening. This treatment gives an instant plump and lift to the skin and has zero downtime, which I loved. You can have this treatment as often as every two weeks, and a course of 6-8 sessions is best for long-term results.

Next, I wanted to frame my face with perfect eyebrows. Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is a bit painful; however, it was well worth it for the result. My new and perfectly shaped brows enhanced my whole face, and I was so pleased I did it.


I wanted to enhance my facial structure and eliminate any remaining fine lines such as crows feet, frown lines and forehead lines. I had Dermal Fillers in my cheeks and chin. The dermal fillers gave my jaw a more defined structure and my cheekbones a lift, making them plumper.

The Anti-Wrinkle Injections smoothed out any remaining lines. I found both of these treatments very comfortable. I have had injectables before, so I wasn’t worried about this. If it’s your first time, it’s normal to be a bit nervous, but important to remember that Flawless Rejuvenation is about a natural aesthetic.

It might be best to have a treatment 6-12 months before the wedding, so you know the look you’re after for your wedding day. You can then replicate your treatment 1-2 months before your wedding day and know what to expect.


With three weeks to go, I had a skin review consultation to make sure I was happy with my injectables. This is a good time to address any tweaks that need to be made if required.

At this point, I also had a follow-up LED treatment to consolidate the health and glow of my skin further. I kept these up each week in the lead up to the wedding.


I returned for another lactic peel, LED and this time, added a hydrating mask to the treatment. This helped lock in the moisture my skin needs and added to the previous treatments.


With one week to go, I booked in for a final LED and a sheet mask for healthy glowing skin. The LED and mask are also very relaxing, a welcome by-product to the treatments that helped my skin look and feel incredible with only one week to go.

In this last week before the wedding, I tried to get plenty of sleep. I recommend using a silk pillowcase to reduce fine lines and wrinkles or sleep lines first thing in the morning.

I could have been a bit more organised by starting my Diamond Polar and Excel V laser sooner however I fitted in as much as I could at the time and saw a huge difference despite not having the full course of treatments. I recommend booking all your appointments for six months in advance to commit to your treatment plan.

I also used some terrific Skincare Products to compliment the treatments I had. I use Skincare company Daily cleanser, Medik8 B5 hydrating serum AM/PM, Ultimate recovery moisturiser AM/PM and Physical SPF sunscreen.

My skincare routine is targeting at hydrating and moisturising the skin as I do get dehydrated, which causes my skin to get red and blotchy. I found these products worked exceptionally well at restoring my hydration levels.”