Cosmelan Pigmentation Treatment

Our Cosmelan peel treatment combines a unique skin treatment and a take-home care kit. It is designed to reduce unwanted pigment and other skin tone issues by stopping the chemical process of melanin from producing darker skin spots. If you are looking for a deep pigment peel treatment in Melbourne, our team at Flawless Rejuvenation will care for your skin needs and help you achieve a smoother skin tone.

45 min per session

Several days

Starting at $1,455



The Benefits

A Cosmelan peel is both a corrective and preventive treatment. It provides immediate as well as long term results when combined with take-home care products. By targeting melanin and managing the source of skin pigment, the treatment can reduce blemishes, dark spots, and other skin issues.



      Reduce Pigmentation


      Improve Skin Laxity


      Improve Dry Skin


      Reduce Sun Spots

      How it works

      Melanin is a term used to describe the natural pigments in the skin, produced through a chemical process in the body. This chemical process gives colour to the hair, eyes, and skin. When the body has an excess of melanin in one area, this can result in discoloured patches which we know as spots or blemishes. These often occur as a result of age, hormone changes, and sun exposure.

      The Cosmelan pack provides an easy solution to these skin issues. It is an effective blend of professional treatment and take-home care maintenance products. We include the take-home care kit in your treatment, which contains the initial mask (salon treatment) and the maintenance cream (home treatment). The pack also includes a cleanser, toner, fast skin repair moisturiser, hydra vital face mask, hydra-vital factor k cream, and moisturiser.

      Ideal Candidate

      The Cosmelan peel method is a versatile treatment. It is suitable for people of all skin types and with a wide range of skin conditions. However, it is especially suited to people who are seeking a solution to pigment issues in their skin. Whether the pigmented skin spots are old or new, the carefully designed formula will act to revive healthy systems in your skin as well as manage melanin production.

      The process provides a gentle, topical treatment to reduce stubborn patches and blotchiness on the skin. Types of pigmentation issues that we can treat include melasma or chloasma, age spots, sunspots, hormonal blemishes, freckles, and spots caused by past injury or skin trauma. Speak to your Dermal Clinician in order to see if this treatment is a good option for you and your skin.

        Personalised Approach

        At Flawless Rejuvenation, we offer a personalised, patient-focused treatment approach. Explore your rejuvenation options with an obligation-free consultation, valued at $50, which is fully redeemable if you proceed with treatment. At your consult, we will:

        Establish your concerns

        And what you hope to achieve

        Provide customised advice

        From trained experts

        Deliver a unique treatment plan,

        Tailored to you and your body

        Highly qualified Doctors

        The treatment is administered by our highly qualified doctors and nurses 

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        Treatment Areas

        Experience a range of transformative facial treatments that target ageing, hydration, and radiance, tailored to your unique skin needs.

        Obligation Free Consultation

        An obligation-free consultation, valued at $50, which is fully redeemable if you proceed with treatment.

        Treatment Areas

        Experience a range of transformative facial treatments that target ageing, hydration, and radiance, tailored to your unique skin needs.








        Cosmelan peel cost

        Before your treatment, you will need to think about the costs involved. Since it is a cosmetic treatment that is not required for health reasons, you will need to pay the costs from your own pocket. However, the procedure is a lower cost option when compared to other skin treatment options.

        Your costs can depend on whether you choose to continue the at-home phase of treatment. As well as this, future treatments can increase your costs over time. In order to gain a clear idea of the fees for this treatment, you will need to have a consultation with us. This will enable us to plan your treatment based on your skin needs and provide a more detailed cost estimate.

        Cosmelan peel side effects

        The day after treatment, your skin will be slightly red and flushed due to increased blood flow. The skin will usually recover quickly, and the positive effects of the treatment will start to become noticeable. Additionally, your skin may also feel tight or itchy. It is important to avoid picking or scratching your skin in order to allow the area to heal.

        In the following days, your skin will go through a Cosmelan peeling process, which will peak within the first three days. This is normal, since the skin is ridding itself of the old surface layer to reveal the fresh skin underneath. Serious side effects like scarring and infection can occur, but this is very rare.

        Cosmelan aftercare

        Due to the gradual effects of the treatment, it may take some months for you to see the full treatment results. You can speed up the process by sticking to the at-home Cosmelan peel product usage. Continued use of your at-home products is an important part of your aftercare process. It will ensure that your treatment has time to take effect and produce a pleasing, noticeable reduction in unwanted skin pigment. For example, this can include applying a hydra-vital factor k cream and moisturiser regularly. As well as this, applying sunscreen will help protect your skin during the healing process.

        The total downtime will be up to seven to fourteen days. You may require a regular treatment plan to maintain results and reduce the chances of pigment recurrence.

        How to choose the best Cosmelan peel clinic in Melbourne

        A Cosmelan peel treatment can be a great way to boost skin health and restore an even complexion. If you are thinking about undergoing this treatment, it is worth doing your research and ensuring you find a qualified professional. Since everyone has different needs and goals for their skin, a professional will be able to create a custom, tailored treatment plan that fits your requirements. At Flawless Rejuvenation, your highly trained Dermal Clinician will guide you through the process and ensure you receive personalised care. Inquire at our Melbourne clinic to find out more about this high-quality treatment.

        What causes pigmentation?

        There are many reasons why someone may develop discoloured spots on the skin. It tends to become more of a problem with age and can be influenced by sun exposure, hormonal changes, and other skin conditions like acne.

        When will I see the results?

        Your skin will begin to show signs of improvement in the first or second week of cosmetic treatment using the Cosmelan peel method. However, your results will continue to improve for up to six months after your initial treatment for long-term improvement in skin complexion.

        How often can you do a Cosmelan peel?

        If you have severe pigmentation issues, you may require a series of treatments to achieve the best outcome. In such cases, we may advise a process of both in-clinic and at-home treatments every eight months if needed.