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The Two Biggest Peel Myths Debunked

We get asked so many questions about peels and are constantly debunking peel myths. The benefits of peels include rejuvenated and hydrated skin assisting with anti-ageing and even skin tones. Peels have come a long way, and the right peel can do wonders for your skin. Here, we debunk the two greatest myths about peels.

1) Chemical Peels need Downtime

The first thought that typically comes to minds when most people think about chemical peels or skin peeling is usually red skin, pain or visible peeling for days!

Ouch! For those of you considering a peeling treatment or for those who may have had undesirable downtime with a peel once upon a time, fear no more!

The cosmetic industry has developed significantly in the last few years.

As the expectations of our clients have evolved so has our industry, and we are super excited about all the new products and services we now offer our clients.

You can now undergo a peeling treatment without any downtime. You can walk into a clinic and in less than 30 minutes walk out with glowing, hydrated, healthy-looking skin.

2) Chemical Peels are Bad for You

The chemicals we use in our peels are all naturally derived and good for your skin.

The most commonly used chemical peels contain ingredients such as:

Lactic Acid

Derived from sour milk, this acid is a gentle alpha hydroxy acid that will hydrate and exfoliate your skin. This is a perfect choice for your first peeling experience with little to no downtime.

Salicylic Acid

Derived from willow tree is a lipophilic beta hydroxy acid. Lipophilic means it’s attracted to oil lipids, which makes it the perfect peel for problematic skin.

This peel can also be used as a spot treatment to get rid of a nasty breakout before a big event!

Salicylic acid can feel quite hot when applied, but post-treatment downtime is fairly mild with some skin dryness and flaking.

Our newest peel is our Essential Peptide Peel!

We love this new product. This peel includes a blend of potent peptides and stem cell technology revealing a smoother younger looking skin, minus the downtime.

A key ingredient is a raspberry oil, which is highly concentrated in vitamin A, an essential ingredient for collagen production.

At Flawless Rejuvenation we offer a large variety of naturally derived peeling treatments that include key ingredients to combat stubborn and hormonal pigmentation, skin ageing, dehydration, acne and even sensitive skin. There is something for everyone. During your complimentary consultation, we will discuss the most appropriate peel for you.

Peels should always be performed in the course of 4-8 treatments for best long-term outcomes.

Most of our clients love the results so much that they will visit us every 4-8 weeks for skin maintenance and age prevention even after the course of treatment has been completed.

There is nothing more satisfying for us than seeing our clients feeling confident and happy in their skin.

Purchase any 4 peels to receive 10% off, purchase any 6 peels to receive 15% off.

For more advice on chemical peels, speak to one of our friendly, experienced, dermal clinicians today.